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Woman (The Remixes)

Kesha's always been a friend of the community so it should come as no surprise that her latest remix set—highlighting yet another incredible track from her now classic comeback album Rainbow—is an empowerment anthem declaring personal pride and underscoring her general bad-assery. Kesha has stated in interviews several different significances the song has for her—her love of being a woman, her proclamation of confidence in being worthy of standing alongside her own idols, and as a protest against Trump's pussy grabbing comments—but the universal appeal of "Woman" is simply loving who you are and having the confidence to yell that with all the reckless abandon of a McDonald's patron who just missed the full breakfast menu. On the commercial release all the mixes are edit length but still have all the impact of an extended. Dave Audé rubs it with his signature peak hour, main room feel and add in a heavy dose of traditional circuit production. Tobtok fixes with a chunkier "bar you can also dance in" tone: it's heavy enough to dance to but not so dense that it couldn't also just be background over cocktails. Lastly Rare Candy goes lounge with a mix that has little more moody depth than the rest and a pitch shift on Kesha's background vocal reminiscent of her AutoTune skit with Funny or Die.