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If music could sound like anime looks, you'd have LIGHTS. With a spray of cartoonish red hair and a delicate repose, the Canadian singer/songwriter—and now comic book artist returns to combine her indie cred with a cinematic sensibility and delivers another installment of her distinct brand of electric pop. Skin&Earth is a concept album (in a similar vein as Halsey's BADLANDS album) that functions as a soundtrack to the accompanying 6-issue comic book series created simultaneously by LIGHTS herself, with each track corresponding to a chapter in the series. But even without reading the comics the resonance of Skin&Earth stands on its own and simply plays like captured moments in a linear narrative, taking the listener through the details of the experiences along the way. Highlights include the album's R&B-flavored opener "Skydiving" with its bouncy beat and descending hook, the calypso groove of "Until The Light," the Joan Jett-esque "Savages," the delicate intimacy of "Morphine," the 00s hip hop flavor of "We Were Here," the meandering electronics of "Moonshine" with the hook reminiscent of Charli XCX's "Boom Clap," and the sensuous "Magnetic Field." The album's closer is possibly its best moment. A throbbing Moroder-ish floor filler declaring independence from the one that she was smart enough to walk away from.