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Astrid S

Party’s Over EP

There's a charm to a young artist who's just finding her voice that's unlike anything else. Every expression is so pure, earnest and spirited because of the excitement that they're finally putting into words the feelings that lead them to this moment. Astrid S is far from a child, but at the age of 20 she's just starting out and the innocence of her perspective on familiar topics like love, loss and relationships is jarringly fresh. On her second EP, the Norwegian Pop Idol contestant holds on to the severity of her sound but gets a little more playful with some lighter moments, too. Party's Over actually moves chronologically from beginning to end of a relationship and manages in 6 tracks to explore a lot of detail within. "Breathe" starts the EP off bright and optimistic, crushing on someone so hard she's "stocking up on oxygen/ cuz when I see you I forget to breathe." Then we get right into the problems (but with a bouncy, uplifting sound) with "Such A Boy," about how her crush needlessly complicates things by "being a boy" about it all. During her May 2017 concert at The Troubadour in West Hollywood she introduced this song by saying that she wrote it in response to the all too common accusation of "being a girl about things," and that guys do just as many stupid things. And I loved her immediately. "Sushi" is a cryptic metaphor of an interlude, that starts twinkly and hopeful but switches into the more familiar darker sound of Astrid's previous work by the end and then leads into one of the EPs best moments "Bloodstream." Here we enter the more tortured chapter of a degrading relationship, being haunted by him wherever she goes and the obsessive behaviors, "His sweater, I'm keeping/ Pretend that he holds me, embrace me." "Party's Over" is the bargaining stage, the chorus pleading "Just stay the night, don't take me home/ don't say it's over." And the conclusion of it all, "Does She Know," fixating on the one he's with next. To me this is album's strongest track. And its darkest. The song opens with her sneaking up to his house in the snow, "I only wanna see her," with her thoughts pounding in her head. Then she calls him drunk, demanding, "Does she know that you held me in the dark/ Does she know that I had you from the start/ Does she know that the bruises never change." The wince elicited by these lyrics comes from just how identifiable the scenario depicted is to all of us. 

In the three years since "2AM" was released and her current sound was established, Astrid has continually created quality music that continues to get better and better with each offering. While she's still finding her voice, where she's at right now is enough to command attention and she's got all the fire behind her necessary to climb to towering heights. Keep an eye on this one.