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Zedd & Liam Payne

Get Low

While the "Song of the Summer" title essentially has to be given to "Despacito," I personally refuse to bestow it upon a Bieber song and would like to humbly nominate instead a somewhat under-the-radar darling of the streaming music world co-written/produced by a German-Russian prodigy DJ and voiced by a former boyband member. "Get Low" by Zedd feating Liam Payne (of One Direction fame) is summertime in song form. A tropical house foundation, a bouncing rhythm, sexually playful lyrics and vocals smooth as sugary sand come together to create the kind of musical composition that cannot but put a smile on your face and get something moving. The original version was released in early June, but bootleg mixes began showing up almost immediately and official remixes have just started trickling out in the last few weeks. Some of the bootlegs got it twisted by interrupting the flow that is "Low's" strength with trappy synth riffs, but hats off to the official mix by Alex Ross who keeps the flow, ups the energy even more (honestly surprised that was even possible) and drops in an EDM vocal treatment without turning it into an obstruction. 

Summer's coming to close with Labor Day Weekend approaching, but this one's so good it's gonna keep the sunny season breezing right into the holidays.


Alex Ross Remix: