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Tove Lo

Disco Tits (Remixes)

Generally speaking, Tove Lo is what Kesha would be if she embraced a cold, snow-covered depression and freely used the word "nipple." Tove combines the trademark songwriting perfection that her native Sweden seems to pump out like an assembly line with a dark sense of humor and a sailor's mouth. Tove has stated that this song is about losing yourself in a newfound love with a blunt, raw sexuality. But what the lyrics really recall is what it feels like when you hook up after a club and then dare to call the guy back for round 2 days later. It's obsession, it's reckless, it's physical without substance, it's usually laced with whatever you were on when you met, and it's a special kind of consequence-less high that's incomparable to anything else. It's all chorus with no verses. It's wealth without the responsibility. It's everything you want without having to work to keep it. Appropriately in its original version "Disco Tits" uses a throwback 90s dance sound that feels like shaved chests, bleached tips and a Curve cologne, and the remixes are all keeping to that thesis. An official remix package hasn't been released commercially yet, but the mixes that have leaked online include names like Barry Harris, Chris Lake, KREAM, Lenno, MK, Oliver, and The Beatbangers, and the results are diverse yet cohesive. Each seem to channel a different 90s anthem and manage to sound simultaneously like an homage and fresh air. 

This is the first single from Tove's forthcoming sophomore album Blue Lips and after that unstoppable awesome of her first album, my nipples are hard for her second installment.