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Tove Lo

BLUE LIPS (lady wood phase II)

We teased its release a month ago with our excitement for lead single "Disco Tits," and now that it's hear everyone's got simultaneous high beams and lady boners. BLUE LIPS follows the format of Tove Lo's previous two album in its organization into chapters. And in its entirety BLUE LIPS is the Phase 2 of her brazenly feminist and sexually empowered thesis on 2016's Lady Wood. Described by Lo as "the highs, lows and ultimate demise of a relationship," BLUE LIPS begins with the LIGHT BEAMS chapter and lead single "disco tits" and the beginning of the conceptual relationship in a faded, sexually-charged setting drenched in lust and altered states. From there the relationship experiences revelations across the next 5 tracks of adultery, secrecy, denial and eventual self-awareness after the lacquer over it all fades to matte. From there second chapter PITCH BLACK begins with "romantics" and a plead to push aside the difficulty of a relationship and stay in the honeymoon phase forever. Across the remaining 5 tracks the relationship goes through all the ups and downs that come with a relationship's dog days and ends with the album's closer "hey you got drugs?" "hey you" is another plea but this time for one last high before she's ready to accept the truth and proclaims, "'cause it's all fun and games 'til its real."

Tove proves yet again that pop can be simultaneously hooky and intimate and serves dance pop that's as body moving as it is gut churning. Need a jumping off point? Start with "Stranger" and "Struggle." You're gonna love.