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  • Jan. 13, 2018



Alegria impresario Ric Sena has a dream. It's to present the best damn party of the long Martin Luther King Weekend. If you haven't attended one of the Alegrias, be prepared for an intense night-into-morning of dancing. Held just at the right time, in the dead of winter, when everyone wants to let go. 

You know that "Alegria" is synonymous with the best gay dance parties in the whole U.S. of A. You know that Alegria is the most famous brand name for gay megadance events in New York City. And you know that every Alegria is guaranteed to bring together thousands of the hottest gay men (and their women friends) to celebrate on the dance floor, where they are joined by men flocking into town from up and down the Eastern Seaboard and points beyond. 

You know you can count on Sena to provide the top-notch production values we've come to expect in an Alegria. That means everything from decor to impossibly muscular gogo dancers. Two of London's top superstar DJs, Pagano and Tom Stephan, are being imported especially for this very special Alegria. 

And why is it special? Because it will held in a big room. A really big room. FREQ, at the western edge of 50th Street, is the perfect club for a full night-into-mid-morning of dancing. 

Trust us: There's only one party that is "must": Alegria Musica. So get your posse organized and get ready for a night-into-day marathon of dancing with several thousand others who know that, in the middle of winter, you've gotta sweat. But don't wait to buy tickets, because not only could this sell out, but the early bird gets the discount! 

You can get them online or at Nasty Pig, 259 W. 19th St. in Chelsea. 




637 W. 50th St.
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