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Add to the roster of Brazilian DJs who have become gay favorites in the States, such as Theresa, Ana Paula and Paulo – Gustavo Scorpio!

Brazil has long held an outsized place on the American musical scene, from Carmen Miranda’s fruit-covered samba to the bossa nova craze initiated by “The Girl from Ipanema.” Brazil dominates South America, but if this DJ trend keeps up we’re all going to have to learn Portuguese. But who cares when the music is this damned perfeito.

Not to mention the eye candy. Has anyone ever personally encountered – or even heard of – a Brazilian, male or female, who wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous? Scorpio’s boyish good looks continue the trend. But don’t let that baby face fool you: This Carioca (native of Rio de Janeiro) is someone who brings a lifetime immersed in music to the DJ booth, as anyone who has heard him spin or danced to one of his many remixes can confirm. If you have been out clubbing in the past several years, you’re one of them, whether you recognized it as one of his productions or not.

As befits the native son of one of the most culturally diverse places on earth, Scorpio seamlessly blends house, tribal and Circuit anthems – all with a Latin-American inflection, of course – into his big-room sets. Like Theresa, he definitely prefers melody over thumping drum-and-bass. But that’s not to say he’s adverse to a tribal sound; rather, he knows how to blend it into actual songs. Whatever alchemy is involved, it works.

In fact, it works so well that he has had one of the most meteoric career paths of any recent DJ on the gay club and Circuit scene. Enough of the suits at Sony Music’s New York City headquarters in 2010 had heard a mix tape Scorpio had tossed off to hire him to create the official remix for "Pop Goes the World" from Gossip, the band that Beth Ditto fronts.

That led to other assignments at Sony. Unlike most other such DJs, it was Scorpio’s extensive studio work doing remixes for Kelly Clarkson, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias (among others) that landed him the coveted gig at Muscle Beach, the huge beachfront day party held as part of White Party Week in Miami back in 2011.

While there, Scorpio debuted his remix of “Hotel Nacional” by Gloria Estefan, which was more than the right singer in the right city; the rich and passionate remix proved to be one of the party’s highlights. That led to club dates around the country and more parties, including the 2013 Purple Party main event in Dallas, which he headlined.

If you want to sample the kind of upbeat music Scorpio underlays with progressive house beats, check out his mix of "Happiness," the irresistible 2010 confection by Alexis Jordan, which hit No. 1 on the Billboard Dance Chart. This is about as close to a contemporary “Circuit sound” as you’re going to hear anywhere.

It is widely know in the astrological world that Scorpios are passionate, motivated, and determined, and Gustavo Scorpio embodies all of these qualities. His powerful sting will surely leave you reeling not in pain but in pleasure.