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Dani Toro was born in the right place at the right time. The DJ hails from Barcelona, the Catalonian city that has become one of the major centers of gay nightlife. So it's hardly surprising he is one of hottest DJs on the scene in both senses — musicianship and looks. (Have you ever met anyone from Barcelona who wasn't gorgeous? Neither have we.)

The city's eclectic music scene has greatly influenced his style, which doesn’t fall under any labels. Although all of his sets share a heavy techno-inflected, tribal House progressive underground, after-hours vibe, he can play a sunny daytime beach or pool party as well as late-night/early morning after parties. 

That's readily evident in the roster of parties, clubs and main events throughout Europe and North America. He began his career in 1999, but it wasn't until a decade later that he got his major break when he headlined Madrid's Pride, world famous for its huge outdoor parties. He played Vazquez de Mella square for a crowd of over 6,000 people, and then, later that night, the iconic Heaven party. 

If 2009 was his breakout year, 2011 saw him reign triumphant as a headliner at Ibiza's Space. Playing the premier club in Ibiza was a definite sign that Dani Toro had arrived. 

Since then, he has become the DJ most closely associated with his hometown Pride celebration. He has also joined the regular roster of the WE parties in Spain and the U.S. Among other signature events, he's spun at Supermartxe; Cologne's Heroes; Bologna's Block; Vienna's Circus; Matinee parties; plus clubs in Rome, London, Ibiza, Milan, San Francisco, Paris, Atlanta, Toronto and seemingly everywhere else. 

Toro has established residencies Mykonos' XLSIOR Festival and Farm in Milan. He's become a DJ closely associated with Milan's Gate parties. This guy just seems to go from strength to strength. In March 2016 alone, he played major events in Tokyo; Seoul; Cluj, Romania; Lausanne, Switzerland; Paris; Moscow; and Milan. Upcoming gigs included White Party Palm Springs and a major Circuit event in — are you ready for this? — Puerto Rico. He's also quickly becoming a fixture in the New York and Miami gay clubs. 

As for his studio work, his remix of Madonna's "Iconic" with Bonnis Maxx was chosen as the opener of her Rebel Heart tour. Do you really need to be told more?