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San Diego Zoo
2920 Zoo Dr. 

Located in Balboa Park is the most famous zoo in the world. Aside from the crowd favorite, the giant panda, there are 650 other species that are allowed to roam in an approximation of their natural habitats. 

San Diego Convention Center

From a group of dedicated geeks, this has grown into the largest such convention of its kind in the world. Hollywood annually migrates south to promote its upcoming movies, TV show and everything else associated in any possible way with comics. 

Star of India
Maritime Museum

1492 N. Harbor Dr.

Don't pass up the chance to see the world's oldest active sailing ship. Today, this full-rigged windjammer is anchored at the Maritime Museum, where she gives visitors a real-life feeling of what life was like during the Age of Sail. 

La Jolla
North along I-5

World famous as one of the most privileged enclaves in the world, it's not hard to understand why after walking the seven miles of jagged coastline, viewing the art in its contemporary art museum or catching a show at the local playhouse, a favorite for Broadway tryouts.  

South of the border

This vibrant city of 1.5 million lies just south of San Diego. Is it safe? The 300,000 people who cross the border every day think so. Yes, there are those infamous nightclubs and the red light district and the pharmacies, but there's a lot more to the city that gave the world the Caesar salad, including fine restaurants, markets and museums. The easiest way to avoid the inevitably jammed-up border traffic is via the fast and convenient (but also crowded) trolley.