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Cocina 214
151 E. Welbourne Ave., Winter Park

Named after the Dallas area code, this is upscale Tex-Mex. Start with one of the specialty guacamoles and salsas, then move on to the ceviche, a truffle-and-mushroom quesadilla and skirt steak salad. If you’re feeling too bleary eyed to face a roomful of people but want to fuel up for the long weekend, takeout is also available.

The Ravenous Pig

1234 N. Orange Ave., Winter Park

The name pretty well describes how you’ll be feeling when you face dishes like Shrimp ‘n Grits, Gruyere Biscuits, and a dessert called “Pig Tails” with chocolate espresso sauce so decadent you consumed 150 calories just reading the name. The fish is all fresh catch from Florida’s shores, and the pasta is fresh daily as well.

4 Rivers Smokehouse
1600 W. Fairbanks Ave., Winter Park
1047 S. Dillard St., Winter Garden

In a city well known for its BBQ, this chain smokes thousands of pounds of meat a week for the waiting hordes. From brisket to pulled pork, this is a Paleo paradise.

Bubbalou’s Bodacious BBQ
5818 Conroy Road, Orlando
1471 Lee Road, Winter Park

The portions here should be translated as “Regular: to feed a platoon”; and “Large: to feed an army” in this proudly traditional BBQ joint.

Sea Thai Restaurant
3812 E. Colonial Dr., Orlando

Thai has become the comfort food of Asian cuisine, and here you’ll find all the well-known Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai, but also interesting takeoffs like Tiger Tear Steak, a northeastern Thai specialty of grilled marinated meat with seared vegetables and a chili sauce for heat, teriyaki for sweet.