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When a gay festival or event comes to town, that town becomes an instant gay ghetto full of men. Groups traveling from all across the country enjoy the festivities, sightsee and engage in different events from skiing to river-rafting, all scheduled around large dance events.

Many cities are developing events which emphasize the assets of their local community, from gay ski weekends to an escape to South Beach in the middle of the winter. From a party at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal to a spring celebration in the middle of the desert. This trend has been expanding to international destinations as well.

noiZe has covered Dance, Festival and Circuit Events for over 22 years.

We recognize that just as being gay has become more accepted into the mainstream, so has the Circuit become one part of a larger gay culture. NoiZe understands that our readers who enjoy the Circuit also enjoy many other social events. So, as we continue to bring you unbiased and complete reporting and information on all things Circuit related, we will also keep you up to date with information on many other events you want to know about.

noiZe is the Premier Gay Resource to Travel, Music, Dance and Circuit Parties Worldwide. Covering Parties around the world, and providing you with complete information on when and where the best parties are, noiZe is your guide to the hottest events.

noiZe.buzz provides the Next Step in Information by giving you Interactive Access to:

Event, City and DJ Details
noiZe has exclusive and in-depth information on events all around the world, including details on each city and the DJ's playing the events. Find out where to eat, where to dance, where to drink, and what DJ's are playing your favorite events!

Party Pix
Exclusive Pictures of Boyz from around the world at various Events and Festivals. More event photo's than anywhere on the Internet! Over 5 MILLION viewings! Make a T-shirt, or Mug, or any other keepsake - or just a nice high quality printout - at noiZe.photos!

CD Music Reviews and Article Archive

Reviews of CDs and singles can be searched and viewed from our digital archive. Selected articles and spotlights from previous issues of noiZe magazine can also be found. CD's and singles (Zingles) that are available on masterbeat.com are conveniently linked to the actual online versions for purchase. Like the review? Buy the music quickly and easily!

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