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  • Oct. 29, 2017



New York is the best place in the world to be on Halloween. And the best place to celebrate the ultimate gay holiday is going to be at Webster Hall, where Alegria Halloween once again will transform the venerable dance palace into an all-night-into-day festival of fantasy, flesh and fun. 

You already know that Alegria has become the most respect brand for gay dance events in North America. Producer Ric Sena has become justifiably famous for his high production values. From the decor to the amazingly sculpted muscle men go-go dancing, the atmosphere is electric. 

Every Alegria is distinguished by the hordes of muscle men (and those who love them) populating the dance floor. But seeing them dressed down in the sexiest outfits imaginable has made this one of the most popular events on the annual Alegria calendar. 

The big "treat" this year is the Alegria reuniting of two of the world's top DJs, ALain Jackinsky and London's Tom Stephan. These guys are experts in knowing how to keep this musically informed mass of muscle moving all night-into-day. And the location, at one of the city's top clubs, conveniently located in Hell's Kitchen, is another treat. 

As for tricks, well, that's up to you. But one thing is for sure: If you want to save some money, buy now, especially if you want VIP tickets, which always sell out early. You can get tickets online here; or visit Nasty Pig in Chelsea.  

If you're a New Yorker, you have the home advantage. For everyone else, come sample the city's delights on its most develish weekend. Then top it off with the party that's a devil's banquet of all-night fun. 




637 W. 50th St.
New York, NY 10019